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After discussion with event venue, Stage 3 of Petzl Hong Kong Night City-Orienteering League 2018 will be postponed to 8 Dec 2018 (Sat) at the same time and venue.

The race will be re-opened for registration. The new deadline is 24 November. Please visit https://city.orienteering.hk for further details.

For registered team, maximum of 1 team member can be changed if the team wishes to have the result counted as part of the team’s overall score. If more than 1 team members are changed, the team will be considered as a new team and the results will not be qualified for calculating the overall ranking.

No refund shall be made. Our sincere apology for any inconvenience.

For enquiries, please contact us via email at city@orienteering.hk.

About Petzl HK Night City-O League

City Orienteering

City-orienteering is a common type of score orienteering which involves a large competition area. Therefore, use of public transport is usually allowed, adding additional challenge in route planning as compared to traditional score orienteering. In a city-orienteering race, runners usually compete in teams. Good team work together with good tactic are important for scoring high marks.

Petzl Hong Kong Night City-O League 2018

Y2Y presents, a 3-stage City-orienteering League supported and sponsored by Petzl brings you to run around Hong Kong this summer. In a team of 3, you will be navigating streets to find checkpoints in the city with the aid of a map within the 2 hours competition time. The team with highest score will win.

The top 3 teams in each stage will receive attractive prizes, including Petzl headlamps. Cash prize will be awarded to the overall winners! Act now!

3 Stages in 2018

Stage 1

18/8 Kowloon

Time: 1900-2100
Start/finish location:  Shek Kip Mei Park
Deadline: 11/8

Stage 2

9/9 New Territories West

Time: 1900-2100
Start/finish location: Tin Shui Wai Park
Deadline: 2/9

Event info

Entry list


Stage 3

8/12 Hong Kong Island

Time: 1900-2100
Start/finish location: The Peak
Deadline: 24/11



Team of three male runner.

[No age limit!]


Team of three female runner.

[No age limit!]


Team of three with at least one female runner.

[No age limit!]


Team of three with at least one female runner.

[Age limit: ≤17]

**The age of participant is counted on 2018-12-31.

Entry Fee

Entry fee per stage

$480 / Team

Enroll 3 stages at once

Discounted price: $1260 / Team


Cash prize

Overall top 3 teams in each class will be awarded with cash prize.

Overall champion of 3 stages: HK$3000
Overall first-runner up of 3 stages: HK$2000 
Overall second runner-up of 3 stages: HK$1000 

Petzl headlamp

Top 3 teams in each class in each stage will be awarded with Petzl headlamps.


Overall top 3 teams in each class  will be awarded with trophies.


Top 3 teams in each class in each stage will be awarded with medals.


Powered by Race Easy.

All registration of the race shall be done through the online registration system.

After a successful online payment, you will receive a confirmation email. That means your entry is successful.

No refund shall be made after successful registration. Any subsequent amendment will result in HK$50 administration fee. 

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Race rules

1. All participants must follow the race rules and the instructions of staff of the organizer.

2.  All participants should stay with their teammates throughout the race, without being separated by more than 10 meters.

3. All participants must put on the number bib provided by the organizer.

4. The time limit is 120 minutes. All team must return to the Finish within the time limit or you will be disqualified.

5. The Winner will be the team with the highest score. If more than one team gets the same score, the position will be determined according to the finish time.

6. All participants are only allowed to use a compass and the map provided by the organizer. Other equipment not provided by the organizer, including street maps, walkie-talkie, GPS devices, laptops, smartphones and online maps are prohibited.

7. During the race, participants must travel on foot or by public transportation only. You are not allowed to use private cars, taxis, roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bikes or rent a van. Otherwise you will be disqualified.

8. In the case of any participant using tools that are not permitted in points 6-7 and the fairness of the race is affected, the Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision.

9. Participants should not move or destroy any race facilities or you will be disqualified. A replacement cost will be charged if the facilities are damaged.

10. In an emergency, please remain calm and inform the organizer ASAP.

11. The race is using SPORTident electronic timing system. Using a timing chip which is not provided by the organizer or belongs to another team will result in disqualification.

12. Participants should keep the timing chip well throughout the race. HK$700 will be charged in case of loss of the chip or failure to return it to the organizer.

13. Every checkpoint has a timing unit. The team captain should wait until the whole team arrives before placing the chip on the unit.

14. Make sure the timing unit “beeps” twice, otherwise your time and score will not be recorded.

15. Every checkpoint has a punch. If the electronic timing unit fails, you can use the punch to make a record on the team captain’s map.

16. The results will be calculated according to the timing chip. If you have encountered any timing unit failure, please show the punch record to the staff of the race at the results station.

17. Team captains must wait until their whole team arrives at the finish point before placing the timing chip on the timing unit. The race time ends at that moment.

18. When you have finished the race, remember not to place the timing chip on any timing units or your result might be affected.

19. The teams who fail to arrive at the finish point within the time limit will be disqualified. The results announced by the Organizer will be final and are not to be contested.

20. Team captains should proceed to the results station to return the timing chip after the race. If you have any punch record on the map please also hand this in to the race officials.

21. The organizer has the right to maintain, add, amend and interpret the rules. Any further amendments will be announced on the race day.


1. Please pay attention to weather conditions by visiting: www.weather.gov.hk. 

2. Please also pay attention to the Air Pollution Index by visiting: www.epd.gov.hk.

3. If yellow or above rainstorm or typhoon signal no. 3 or above is in force after 1700 hours on the day, the competition will be postponed. The race will be cancelled in case of severe weather conditions on the postponed date. No refund would be made for the entry fee and donations. Postponement or cancellation arrangements will be announced on the Facebook page.

4. The organizer has purchased third party liability insurance for the race. Participants shall be responsible for their own personal insurance.

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